Corporate gifts for all occasions

Giving a company gift to an employee or customer is a great way to show gratitude. Whether it is as a thank you for a good effort, an anniversary, or just a well-deserved consideration.

At IDÉ House of Brands, we have our strength in finding the right gifts. We adapt gifts according to need, season and budget, and do our utmost to satisfy both our customers and not least their recipients.

Many companies are good at giving Christmas, Easter and summer gifts to employees. But how about surprising with a gift when the person least expects it? It can delight more than you think.


Corporate gifts for employees
Silver Global chef's knife 
Gold Miiego headphones

Cool black speaker standing on the kitchen counter

Did you know...

...that 63% notice promotional articles in thir every-day life

Corporate gifts  - three determine factors for success

We have extensive experience in picking out gifts for employees together with our customers. We see that there are 3 points that decides if the gift is a success.

1. Let the employees choose the gift. Choosing a gift that is perfect for everyone is difficult. Create a web solution where there are 5-6 pre-selected gifts that reflect your message and let the employee choose for themselves.  

2. Reflect the gift on the company's values. A gift that is thought throug and based on the company's values ​​and goals is always the best starting point. If the company has a green profile, the gift should reflect this. If you want to communicate something very specific to the recipient, the gift should reflect what you want to say.

3. Think about the users value. It is not the monetary value that defines whether the gift is successful. Surveys show that it is the users value of the product as well as the design that largely determines whether the recipient is satisfied with the gift.


Corporate gifts
Gray and beige wool blankets from Elvang