When Jernia came to us in 2019 with a request if we could help them with new uniforms, we had no doubt that the answer was YES!

Jernia had two demands;

1. They wanted to focus on sustainability in the textiles
2. There was a need for both large main productions, as well as quick additions without having to stock large numbers. Logistics and distribution were important for the project. 

Together with Jernia, we have set up a completely unique solution. A "mix and match concept" with a tailor-made production and logistics solution. The main production takes place at our factory in Bangladesh, while smaller, additional productions are made from our factory in Turkey. 

If there is a need for even faster delivery, we do it locally at our printhouse in Norway. The unique thing about this solution is that all the clothes are still exactly the same, and you can not distinguish between products that come from Bangladesh, Turkey or Norway. In this way we keep costs down and we can deliver quickly with the help of local printing companies. 

Blue Jernia fleece jacket
Blue Jernia fleece jacket and shirt
Black Jernia apron

"It's incredibly good to work with people who are so concerned about quality and sercvice. If you have a question or similar, you always get good help and a good solution. IDÉ House of Brands, which is a partner, is a joy to work with!"

Mikkel Foss, marketingwizard – Social media manager, external collaboration, and priority projects in Jernia.

Blue Jernia Fleece jacket
Blue Jernia polo
Blue Jernia shirt