How to choose green

  1. Choose eco-labeled products
    For example you can choose an environmentally friendly pen made by biodegradable material, like this pen from Senator, which is available in 10 different colors. denne pennen fra senator .
  2. Choose quality
    If you for instance choose an umbrella of good quality, this product will have a long useful life, and the probability of using and discarding decreases.
  3. Logo placement and size
    Consider where you put your logo, and how big you want it to be. If we’re talking about a mouse pad, the logo size doesn’t really matter when it comes to use of the product. However, on an everyday item that you want the receiver to use frequently, it might be clever to choose a size that makes the logo discreet, so that the item actually will be used, and at the same time contributes to more exposure.
  4. Be an early bird!!
    When ordering your products: the earlier – the better! This is especially applicable when the product you want is produced in one of our factories in for instance Asia. If you’re not in a rush to get your products, we can ship the product in a more environmentally friendly way like by sea, instead of by plane. .
  5. Use less plastic
    When you purchase products from us, we decide together how it will be packed. Do the note books need to be packed in separate plastic pouches? How about the t-shirts? We will always suggest a green method, so that plastic isn’t used redundantly.