IDÉ House of Brands works to have a sustainable business practice with respect for people, society and the environment.


In 2008, IDÉ House of Brands became the first company in the profile industry to be approved for both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 for both environmental and quality management. We have been approved every year since, and in 2017 we were approved according to a new and upgraded standard.


We choose our partners carefully, and all partners need to follow our Code of Conduct. This is the document that states our business ethics guidelines, which include requirements for respect for human rights and consideration for the environment.


Every day we deliver a wide range of products to companies all over the world. Our goal is to minimize the potential negative impact our work has on people, society and the environment. As a major player in the industry, we see it as our responsibility to influence both forward and backward in the value chain.



IDÉ House of Brands considers responsible purchasing practice to be one of our most important tools in the work for sustainable business practice. We adapt our purchasing routines so that our partners have the opportunity to deliver on the requirements we set to ensure good conditions for people, society and the environment.



In order for our partners to be able to comply with our strict requirements for the production chain, we are in continuous dialogue to raise the competence and optimize the use of resources by each individual partner. Our purchasing department works actively to establish long-term relationships with partners who show particular willingness and ability to work with positive development in the supply chain.



IDÉ House of Brands will be a driving force towards customers in the choice to shop more environmentally friendly. Several of our customers have become more aware of their purchases and it is satisfying to be able to meet their demands for more environmentally friendly choices. As our customer, you will always have a more environmentally friendly alternative.



We work to make better environmental choices in everyday life and your choices can make us a better supplier. We develop alternatives that lead to better environmental choices. Below you will find some thoughts you can start with.


An eco-labeled product is classified as "a better environmental choice". Depending on the material, it is in one form or another recycled or organically grown. The Fairtrade label is an independent label that ensures the quality of working conditions for manufacturers.


Make conscious choices in the purchasing process. A good quality product will last longer, provide better exposure and give better associations to your brand.


When a product has reached the end-of-llife, it is important to have made good choices  before the product is manufactured. Be aware of how the products you choose should be recycled and tell the end user how.


Every day we deliver a wide range of products to companies all over the world. Our goal is to minimize the potential negative impact our work has on people, society and the environment. A secure economy is one of the balancing factors in a sustainable societal development. As a major player in the industry, we see it as our responsibility to influence both forward and backward in the value chain.


The certification benefits both our customers and us. A stronger degree of quality assurance and service leads to a more comprehensive treatment from all our departments in the Nordic region.

ISO 9001 - Quality Management

This is the international standard for quality management. This standard was updated as ISO 14001 in 2015 so that it is relevant to today's and tomorrow's society. ISO 9001 gives organizations the recipe for how they should at all times be able to meet quality requirements that meet customer expectations. The standard pays special attention to the complex supply chains we as a business must deal with. We have had our approval renewed every year since 2004, and in 2017 we were again approved according to an upgraded standard.

"We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continuously improving our environmental results, as an integral part of our business strategy and operating method. We encourage all our customers and suppliers to do the same."


IDÉ House of Brands works to have a sustainable business practice with respect for people, society and the environment. This means that current generations can meet their needs, without destroying the opportunities for future generations.

ISO 14001– Environmental Managent Systems

Is the international standard for environmental management. The standard was updated in 2015, with updated requirements and better coordination with other management and control systems. ISO 14001 helps to create systems to reduce the organization's negative impact on the environment. This includes energy consumption, waste management, environmental requirements and regulations, supplier requirements and resource planning. By reducing our negative environmental impact and establishing a more sustainable organizational model, we can save both costs and energy, and at the same time take care of the environment for future generations. The standard uses PUKK (plan, execute, check, correct).

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Working conditions in factories and international human rights have always been at the forefront. Therefore, we travel annually to our factories and work closely with local inspectors to ensure that all laws and regulations are followed. When we choose contractual partners this is based on good ethical attitudes. They must avoid contributing to corruption, human rights violations, poor working conditions or harmful effects on local communities and the environment. 

The Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) is a committed partnership between industry, trade unions, organizations and government agencies. IEH is a driving force and a resource center for ethical trade. Ethical trade means that companies and other actors contribute to improving working conditions and the environment in the supply chain.We define social responsibility as "A long-term commitment to commercial success through working methods that respect ethical values, people, the environment and nature". We report to the Ethical Trade Initiative every quarter and the reports are public.

Why are we a member of ETI?

IEH is the leading competence environment for ethical trade in Norway and the Nordic countries and provides us with important tools and resources to be able to work well and efficiently with ethical trade. By collaborating with ETI, we have several obligations. Among other things, we have joined ETI's declaration of principles, implemented guidelines for ethical trade, work actively to create concrete improvements in working and environmental conditions in the supply chain, report annually on status and progress, continuous follow-up and ensure that everything is approved according to the Norwegian Environment Agency's laws.


The UN's sustainability goals are the world's joint work plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030. This plan requires efforts from the authorities, business and individuals. We have chosen to work extra with the following goals:

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Goal 4:

Quality Education 

"Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all."

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Goal 8:

Decent work and Economic Growth

"Promote lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all."

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Goal 12:

Responsible Comsumption and Production

"Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns."

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Goal 13:

Stop Climate Change

"Immediately to combat climate change and its consequences."

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Goal 17:

Collaborate to achieve goals

"Strengthen the reins and renew global partnerships for sustainable development implementation."

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SOS Children's Villages works to ensure that all children have the opportunity to grow up in a family that gives them love and security - whether it is in the child's biological family or in a new SOS family.

We work closely with SOS Children's Villages to contribute to their work to secure children around the world. We have chosen to divide this work into two parts. On the one hand we donate a significant amount to SOS Children's Villages every year and on the other hand we use our network of customers and partners to actively disseminate information about the work SOS Children's Villages does and facilitate a combination of donation and product media .

SOS Barnebyer
Read more about our cooperation here